Climate planet

Climate Planet is a documentary about the Earth and the climate. It was made in 2017 to be shown on a NASA-globe with a diameter of 4 meters. The audience was sitting round the globe watching the film displayed here.

Although it was very spectacular and also was shown on COP22 in Bonn, it was not possible to maintain the expensive and very huge set-up.
Therefore Climate Planet Foundation decided to change the film into a more useful film free of any charge. It can be found here – both as a whole documentary and in 16 different chapters.
This new updated film will be released later in October 2020.

I have made the film in order to tell the climate story in plain language for all to understand how we got here with a climate running with greater and greater speed.
The situation is critical as scientists have described in numerous reports and articles, because if we just lean back doing nothing, the situation for our children and grandchildren will be problematic. But we can do a lot and help the climate.