Dear all young people – we need you

Many of you finish school these days. Some of you want to go to the labor market, while others will continue in the education system. Common to you is that you have dreams and wishes about the future. You probably have a wish for yourself, but perhaps also for the world you are to be a part of, and the world you will pass on to your own children.

It has always been like that for many decades it has also gone the right way. Advances both economically and technologically since World War II has meant that today’s older generation – my generation – has given you a blind belief that there is only one way –  forward. We have neglected to talk about the risks that may arise – and in these years they are globally about to manifest themselves. This applies politically, culturally, and not least, to climatic conditions.

At the political front we see there is a tendency for more nationalism – that means, the countries see themselves as enough. We are closing our borders and causing globalization to stumble. The globalization has been the cause of trade and economic progress. Cultural exchanges have increased understanding for other people, but of course there is a risk that smaller cultures may be overturned. It will only happen if the culture is not strong enough and rooted in the population!

The tendency towards less transparency is detrimental to globalization and thus also for your opportunities. We have a political structure in this country where we have local decision-makers at the local level, national decision-makers in the parliament and superstitious decision-makers in the EU. If this should work, the population must necessarily support all three parts – and all three are important. But I would like to emphasize that today we have so big international problems that can not be solved nationally but must be solved internationally. Therefore, we must protect the EU and make sure that the system operates.

The best example is the climate problem, which has the potential to completely change the world in a very few decades. We have been used to more and more people getting access to clean water and enough food. But the climate can change exactly that. This can lead to huge refugee flows – much bigger than we are discussing these days.
At the same time, our infrastructure is threatened by both violent weather and rising sea level. It will be financially irresponsible to do nothing. We must both adapt to the new climate while investing in new technology that stabilize the climate at some point in the future.

So, dear young friends – you have to get out of the hammock. You can not expect the climate problem will be solved by the older generation. You must go on the barricades – you must demonstrate – you have to shout and make demands. This is your own future that is at stake.
Although it seems inconceivable, there are good opportunities and solutions already, and there are certainly more to come. You must not give up, but you must fight for a better future so your dreams can be fulfilled. You deserve it and the world deserve it  – I look forward to seeing you out there.

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