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Climate Planet

Climate change should be an important part of knowledge – especially at high school level. It is the young people who have to live with climate change and thus also contribute to the solutions. However, according to the teachers, there is not too much educational material. Therefore I have received many inquiries about the film in the Climate Planet, for which I wrote the script and also spoke in Danish – English version is also available. For could the film somehow be used in schools, because the story and film is easy to understand and gives a broad knowledge of the climate problem.

The film can usually only be seen in a large globe and therefore only a few get the chance. But now I’ve got a version where the movie is taken from one position – ie you see the Earth, on which the film is projected from only one side. Of course, some of the data contained in the film is lost, but the story is intact.

I tested this version in two high school classes in Denmark. Both classes gave the film an excellent feedback. Therefore the Climate Planet Foundation, which is now developing the entire project, decided to offer it as an opportunity.

But the film is only available with me so far – that mean, I can offer a course for a couple of hours where the film with the educational climate story is included – the film lasts 35 min. Maybe it was an idea for the next school year? Furthermore, the course can be designed and differentiated according to the class level.

The price is of course rather high outside Denmark due to travelling costs, but ask for an offer if you are interested.

Of course, I have a limited number of days available, so do not hesitate to book a course once you have a budget. You can ask for more info at

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