Climate communication at COP23

Communication in most areas of life is an integral part of life. Unless we manage to tell each other what intentions we have or what we intend to do, society loses its cohesion.

By nature, human beings can only survive because we are good at communicating.

But we often forget how we communicate best. Nowadays, when social media and short text messages are the most immediate communication forms of communication, the risk is that we just forget how we communicate best. Therefore, the term “fake news” is spreading like a steep fire because there is no filter.

This also applies to communications on climate and climate change. Here there are many pitfalls and what can sound right and convincing can prove to be completely wrong.

Over the past decades, coal, oil and gas lobbies have been very good at telling about the benefits of fossil fuels, while denying that climate change is taking place at the same time.

However, it has changed a bit in recent years – well because the strength of the many events over the whole world, can not be explained otherwise than the global warming plays a role, so it is obvious to everyone that something is completely wrong

COP23 also talks about communication and how it works best. There are many suggestions and ideas, but consistently, the communication must be sober, scientifically founded, easy to understand and preferably with good examples. It is therefore not useful to use the more dystopic and judicial stories, because they will never make people change habits or attitudes.

This means that the big Breaking News types should not be used, but on the other hand, a more profound story must take over. In short, the sense of sensation should be drawn in the background for the benefit of real climate dissemination. It is also the case that the competition to “come first with the news” should not be so appealing as the real and truthful dissemination should and must win.

That is exactly the task I’m trying to launch in the coming period. Hopefully, this dissemination will allow both politicians, business people and ordinary citizens to listen. For throughout the story, the scientific consensus fears that it is urgent to deal with the climate problem.

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