Is extreme weather a coincidence or climate driven?

This article is printed in the Danish Newspaper Politiken on June 17th. Do we dare to take the chance that the crazy weather is a coincidence and not climate-driven? While most have enjoyed the exceptionally hot spring with lots of sunshine and summer temperatures in Northern Europe, others have seen the drought spread on the […]

Important Climate Negotiations in Bonn

Climate and Hurricane Irma

Midway between the annual COP meetings, negotiations are always taking place in Bonn. There are usually more technical issues discussed between officials, so politicians are not directly involved in these negotiations. Usually these negotiations are not much discussed in the media, but there may be good reason to follow more  this time. This year, there […]

Climate Planet – now also for education

Climate Planet

Climate change should be an important part of knowledge – especially at high school level. It is the young people who have to live with climate change and thus also contribute to the solutions. However, according to the teachers, there is not too much educational material. Therefore I have received many inquiries about the film […]